Schichten. Mögliche Grenzen
with Alice von Alten, Nora Gutwenger and Nadine Hirschauer
Feldkirch, Austria, 2018

'Schichten. Mögliche Grenzen' deals with natural and cultural boundaries within us. The borders that are anchored in the earth: the skin as the threshold between the body and the environment, the earth, the fertile layer that surrounds the planet, architectural (dividing) walls and national borders.
The artists Alice von Alten, Ursula Gaisbauer, Nora Gutwenger and Nadine Hirschauer try to scan these layers. The collected materials from the Rhine Valley are used in the Feldkircher inner city is stratified, experimented with and the process of confrontation made accessible.

Ursula Gaisbauer creates snapshots of a touch with her work. In urban space she forms clay bricks, the surface of which she notches with her body in relief.
The clay is extracted in the region and has a wide variety of earth tones, from ochre yellow to reddish brown and grey blue. Clay is a natural building material that can be shaped in a moist state and hardens through air drying.
The superficial shell takes on the shape of the body, contradicting the function of the same building block. The dried bricks gradually develop into a three-dimensional structure.
(Workshop with Kai Längle)

with the support of Kulturperspektiven 2024 and Land Vorarlberg