2017; Actions in the housing estate in the Siebenhügelstraße, Klagenfurt, Austria
2018; Exhibition "Auf die Plätze/Na mesta" Künstlerhaus / Architektur Haus, Klagenfurt, Austria

with Nora Gutwenger, Tobias Küke, Lisa Puchner, Stephan Trimmel, Anna Werner

The project EinHaken exemplary explores questions of neighborhood and of either living together, or living alongside. The interdisciplinary combination of art and architecture makes it possible to leave the strictly standardized, structurally regulated space of housing construction. Spontaneous and process-oriented actions give reason to think about the exposed potentials of the housing estate as well as possibilities and limits of self-initiative and co-design of the living space. Without any investment other than time and using the available resources, the actions "Essen bei Steiner", "Abgabe von Wärme und Licht" and "Stammtisch" tempt to create a new way of living together. During the process orientated exhibition, a taxi service between Künstlerhaus and housing estate is set up and in the Architektur Haus the recordings of the "Stammtisch" can be heard in a sound installation.

Photos: Gerhard Maurer