BBQ in der Neuen Welt, Teil 2: Neu Brasilien/BBQ in the New World, Part 2: New Brazil

A Look across the Garden Fence into the Stories of Other Settlers. Excursions with Guests and Residents, connected to the Exhibition “How to Live Together”, Kunsthalle, Vienna, 2017

The second trip led us to Neu Brasilien, a gardening association along the Alte Donau, founded by naturopath Florian Berndl. There, he propagated a social movement, triggered by him, motivating people to recuperate in nature, and applied practices like naturist bathing.

200 years ago, Leopoldine of Austria was married to the Portuguese heir and travelled to Brazil, where she was crowned empress. During a picknick, Lukas Leitão, Brazilian cultural attaché to Vienna, was invited to expand on the historical relations between Austria and Brazil, and their current influences.

Photos: Saleh Rozati