BBQ in der Neuen Welt, Teil 1: Rosental/BBQ in the New World, Part 1: Rosental

A Look across the Garden Fence into the Stories of Other Settlers. Excursions with Guests and Residents, connected to the Exhibition “How to Live Together”, Kunsthalle, Vienna, 2017

A stroll through the Rosental Allotment Gardens, the oldest gardening association in Vienna, brought us to its club house. There, tucked away in the attic, are the association’s archives, which we were allowed to explore. Afterwards, we passed the shelter hut, and a very dedicated gardener took us to his well-maintained plot.

Our excursion was concluded by a barbecue, after which artist Elisabeth Falkinger recounted her experiences driving a tractor from Theresiental/Tereswa in Ukraine, to Upper Austria – following in the footsteps of 17th-century settlers during the reign of Austrian Empress Maria Theresia.

Photos: Saleh Rozati