Reflecting Bodies

In aller Öffentlichkeit - Stadtgestalt und Öffentlicher Raum
Annual Exhibition of the Department for Urban Planning and Building Regulations
Rathausgalerie in Munich, Germany, 2023

The exhibition "In aller Öffentlichkeit" brings together Munich's urban development projects and renegotiates public space using current examples. The fountain in the centre of the exhibition space is a historical element that is actually characteristic of outdoor space. How do we deal with remains from history? How can such elements be brought into the present? Through the work 'Reflecting Bodies', the meaning of the fountain is re-coded and thus revived and made usable. The seating elements invite us to linger and reflect, but also to observe and participate.

Seating installation conceived by Laura Bruns with Sebastian Klawiter and realised by Ursula Gaisbauer

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Fotos by Ursula Gaisbauer