being asleep, being afraid

Open Studio 2, Apartment 72, FAAP, São Paulo, Brazil 2018

bedsheets, carton, wood boxes, wood frames, fixing pins, starch, egg white

In exchange for new bedsheets I could get the old used ones from FAAP, as site specific working material. After this open studio, the objects are going to be placed in the public space.

The bedsheets are strengthened and arranged into forms, which issue the topic of temporary living conditions and short time domiciles. The bedsheets are combined with material, found on the street. There are tree pairs of two pieces. The form of each pair is inspired by pictures of historic head pieces for women.

Pair 1# Cone
Pair 2# Loop
Pair 3# Wing

Furthermore I researched in the archive of the FAAP for the names of the former residents, who have been living in the apartment 72.

Oskar Saavedra Kovach, Peru, July - September 2010
Kalaya Risko, USA, April - July 2011
Felicitas Rohden, Belgium, April - July 2012
Gian Franco Foschino, Chile, September - December 2012
Catarina Botelho, Portugal, March - April 2013
Marco Maria Zanin, Italy September - November 2013
Flávia Vieira, Portugal February - July 2014
Thomas Cunha, Portugal August - December 2014
Cornelia Enderlein, Germany March - June 2015
Julius Heinemann, Germany August – November 2015
Pia Lindman, Finland August- December 2016
Manoela Medeiros, Brazil 2017
Oscar Schmidt, Germany, March- Mai 2017

Photos partly by Rafayane Carvalho


Documentational Film Screening and text from Tulio Costa about the site specific intervention at FAAP
with Rhona Byrne and Friedrich Engl